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Orthofeet Women's Laguna Stretch Knit Sandal

A breathable, comfort solution for those with foot problems. The stretch upper material in this closed toe sandal is soft on the feet and the openings on the side make this a breathable footwear choice. The heel strap is adjustable and the elastic toggle lacing make these easy to secure and adjust the fit to your liking.

Laguna Stretch Knit Sandal Features:

  • Laguna Women's Closed Toe Sandal: Engineered with the most advanced footwear technology to enhance comfort and alleviate heel and foot pain.
  • Premium Orthotic Insoles: Anatomical arch support prevents the foot from rolling inwards, easing pain on the foot and heel, all the way up your knees, hips and lower back.
  • Lightweight Cushion Soles: A mild rocker design to absorb impacts and soften every step, working wonder to improve the ease of walking.
  • Adjustable Uppers: Soft fabric lining and extra foam padding allows you to adjust the shoes for a perfect, comfortable fit.
  • Protective Interior: Soft, foam-padded interior lining eliminates pressure points and friction against the skin, offering superior comfort and protection.
  • Stretchable Upper: Helps eliminate pressure on bunions and hammertoes and offers a relaxed, comfortable fit.
  • Wide Toe-Box: Provides extra room for toe movement, alleviates pressure on bunions and hammertoes, and provides and ideal fit for wide and swollen feet.

Follow These Instructions Before Wearing Your Shoes Daily

  • Wear your new footwear and inserts for 1-2 hours in your home, preferably on a carpeted surface.
  • Inspect your feet for any redness that my develop. 
  • If redness persists, consult your health care professional
  • If no redness appears, wear your shoes around your home for one or two days while periodically checking your feet for redness or uncomfortable rubbing
  • If they are comfortable, they are ready to be worn outside.

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