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Orthofeet Padded Sole Socks for Men and Women

BioSoft TM Padded socks feature non-constrictive, seam-free design, excellent moisture wicking system, and soft cushioning interior. These socks feature a stretchable, loose knit consutrction increasing maximum blood flow and enhancing the overall fit and comfort.  The Most Comfortable Sock You'll Ever Wear.

Orthofeet Padded Sole Sock Features:

Non-Constricting Design - Very loose knit construction with super stretch offers maximum blood flow, enhancing fit and comfort.

DryPlex TM Moisture Wicking System - Keeps feet always dry and comfortable, providing a healthier environment for sensitive diabetic feet.

Seam-free - Unique Inverse Linking Design provides virtually seam-free sock interior, offering the ultimate protection against blisters and irritations.

Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Odor - Bamboo anti-bacterial and anti-odor natural properties inhibit bacteria, and control foot odor.

Anti-Blister Soft Bamboo fibers along with a unique brushing process offer an extremely soft sock interior, minimizing friction, and providing maximum comfort and protection.

Soft and Comfortable - Bamboo fibers feel extremely soft and comfy, eliminating irritation on your skin by reducing shear forces when you walk. Innovative diabetic socks for women and men, who suffer from diabetes, neuropathy, circulatory problems, and edema.

WASHING: Machine wash, warm like colors, tumble dry low. Do not use fabric softeners or chlorine bleach.

MATERIALS: 67% Bamboo. 26% Cotton. 6% Polyester. 1% Spandex

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