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Orthofeet Women's Louise Slippers


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Orthofeet Women's Louise Slippers

Innovative Ortho-Cushion™ System with premium orthotic insole and ergonomic cushioning sole soften impacts, making every step you take soothing with comfort.

Easy Gait: Additionally, the Ortho-Cushion™ System helps propel the foot forward, enhancing the ease of walking and adding spring to your step for a "Walking on a cloud" experience.

Louise women's slippers are crafted with unique comfort features that are not found in any other slipper:

Louise Slipper Features:

  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED - with orthotic support, Ergonomic-Stride™ sole, and adjustable strap, offering superior comfort and protection for sensitive feet. Vegan Friendly.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT & FIT - Stretchable design offers a relaxed, comfortable fit and helps relieve pressure on Bunions, Hammer-Toes and sensitive feet.
  • COMFORTABLE ORTHOTIC SUPPORT - Premium orthotic insoles, featuring anatomical arch support and cushioning layers provide soft, pillow-like support that enhances comfort and helps ease pain on the heel, ball of the foot, knees, hips, and back caused by flat feet, overpronation, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, neuropathy and diabetes.
  • EASY GAIT - Light-weight soles with Ergonomic-Stride™ design and air cushioning soften step and enhance stability.
  • PROTECTIVE INTERIOR - Soft, seam-free interior lining eliminates pressure points and friction against skin, offering superior comfort and protection.
  • ORTHOTIC FRIENDLY DESIGN - Extra depth design with removable orthotic insoles (1/4" thick in the forefoot area) provide ample space for custom made orthotics.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT - Two sets of removable spacers (1/16" and 1/8" thick) allow the adjustment of the space inside the shoe for a perfect fit.

Recommended for the following Conditions:

  • Heel Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arch Pain
  • Flat-Feet/Pronation
  • Ball-Of-The Foot Pain
  • Morton's Neuroma
  • Bunions
  • Calluses
  • Hammer Toes
  • Diabetic Feet
  • Arthritis
  • Knee Pain
  • Back Pain

Follow These Instructions for The Care of Your Slippers

Clean with washcloth. Use a small amount of mild soap and water.
Air dry. Do not machine wash.

Follow These Instructions Before Wearing Your Slippers Daily

  • Wear your new footwear and inserts for 1-2 hours in your home, preferably on a carpeted surface.
  • Inspect your feet for any redness that my develop. 
  • If redness persists, consult your health care professional
  • If no redness appears, wear your shoes around your home for one or two days while periodically checking your feet for redness or uncomfortable rubbing
  • If they are comfortable, they are ready to be worn outside.

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