Arch Support


      Arch Supports, Insoles and Orthotics

      Arch supports are designed to place the feet in the “ideal” position by supporting all four arches – thereby promoting even body weight distribution. Every time your foot strikes the ground, it’s subjected to pressure equal to nearly eight times your body weight.

      Inserts are particularly popular with people who suffer from mild to moderate foot pain.  When feet hurt, walkers seek relief. The first step is to get the right shoes, but the answer to pain may be a step further—to insoles, arch supports, and orthotics.

      Shoes generally do not provide arch support. Sometimes the shoe is constructed to give the feeling of arch support, but it is a sensation rather than reality. People with high arches may have foot pain from walking or running in shoes without arch support. A ready made arch support can give relief and comfort.

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      2 products