Reasons to Choose Diabetic Shoes Over Regular Shoes

A Custom Fit

Unlike most all regular shoes, diabetic shoes comes in full-sizes, half-sizes, and three different widths. They offer adjustability, some with laces and some have a hook and loop closure. Making it so you can loosen and tighten your shoes depending on swelling or changes to your feet.

Some brands may offer shoes that look similar, Diabetic shoes are customizable to suit bunions, hammertoes, and other foot irregularities.

Extra Room

Diabetic shoes are designed to accommodate inserts that, when removed, must provide at least 3/16 inch extra room or more. The added room reduces pressure on your foot, which can help your feet to have better circulation. This extra room can also help when adding your own custom or prefabricated shoe inserts for even more comfort and support.

Compare all this to most leading brands, which offer no additional space, and only offer enough space or only the thinnest shoe inserts.

More Reliability

Diabetic Shoes feature high-quality materials like leather and wool. Diabetic shoes also offer long-lasting uppers with sturdy rubber outsoles to keep you balanced and comfortable while, running, exercising or walking.

Some brands cut corners by fabricating their shoes with materials that can fall apart after just a few months, whereas you can rest assured Diabetic Shoes will provide miles of comfort.


  • Jeff

    We do not take health insurance, Most of diabetic shoes cost a little more than regular shoes because they include insoles for better comfort and they are constructed to meet requirements for people that have diabetes.

  • Miguel

    Do you take health insurance😱🤔

  • Theresa Boling

    Do these shoes cost more than regular shoes?

  • Phyliss Clark


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